MORE - MObile Resources on Education: let´s learn with each other - KA2

Each country has teachers who are specialized in one field, so our aim is to spread their knowledge in order to increase the students’ participation in learning and better prepare them for their future jobs or career all over Europe.


Our project was already an eTwinning project before we apply to an Erasmus + KA2. The teacher knew each other's work and prepare the plan in collaboration in Google Drive.


This project was the first in the selected list for Eramus+. In 100% we had 99,5%.


Share knowledge

  • Portugal (coordinator) -  programming;
  • Italy - Robots
  • France - Microcontrollers (Arduinos)
  • Slovenia - Primary school will be the learners. Teacher involved: Primary teacher and teacher from Math and Physics.

School council anounce in Portugal

Partnership with companies

Slovenian TV talking about our project at 8:02m


Author: Danilo Nardi
Last editor: Jean-Noël Pédeutour