We have all the information related to the "activities" of our project, since we have done other activities that are organized by different categories, please visit the others menus and submenus:
    - Classrooms activities - activities develops with the students related with the new teachers learnings (submenus).
    - Social Networks: We have created a facebooks groups for students to work in teams, for safesty reasons we used secret groups.
    - Transnational meetings - meeting with only teachers (submenus).
    - Mobilities - mobilities with students and teacher. Each mobiliy correspond to one submenu. Each submenu as websites integrated for better organization.
    - Learning objects: education resources created to be used in classes and for the future.
    - Monitoring: monitoring the project evolution
    - Dissemination: is organized with submenus by countries with all dissemination made.
    - Impact: has 2 submenus with the desired impact and with the acquire impact with the project.