Achieved impacts

  • School

    • The acquired knowledge will enable school teachers to use new electronic and computer science teaching approaches and meet the   new requirements of the labor market;
    • Promote educational success;
    • More successful collaboration between teachers and students in Europe.
    • Impact in school.

       For the schoolp the project helped:

    • to prevent school dropout, by motivating students to these new educational approaches in 
    • to have teachers with new skills
    • to create new resources (if possible to buy microcontrollers and robotics)
    • to promotes a sense of innovation in teachers and students
    • to open the possibility of developing new partnerships and increases the awareness of the reality of business in other regions of Europe.

    Primary school

     Impact on primary school children:

    • Testing new and innovative educational resources
    • Children’s involvement in the use of ICT
    • Collaboration between different levels of education
    • Using appealing didactic materials
    • Motivating children and sustaining the need of using of ICT, Maths and Science

        1- Children from primary school in the Regions no involved in the project 

              Other childrens had opportunity to came to school an "play" with the robots


    Students tutors

    Impact on student tutors:

    • Improve skills and consolidate learnings
    • Constructively collaborate with peers from other countries on a common thematic task or project
    • Work as a part of a team on new ideas
    • Innovate teacher practice through the production of new and appealing materials
    • Develop the sense of initiative and entrepreneurial skills

    Students in general

    • Better coordination with teamwork;
    • Greater collaboration between peers;
    • Increased self-esteem;
    • Increased motivation for learning;
    • Special Needs students feel more confidant;
    • Social skills;
    • Communications skills
    • better language skills;
    • Better labor market preparation
    • And MORE friends ...

    Students enjoy learning... and feel more involved in the activities . A photo can be MORE than words.

    Slovenian students share their learning at local events.


    Portuguese students presenting their learning in a national event. They learn how to communicate in public.

    French students learn more about Arduino, Robotics and APPinventor

    Playlist with portuguese students opinion (9 groups)

    Students inteviews - Sassari, November 2015


    "The project gives us the opportunity to share knowledge with students from other countries , working with them and learn new things. "

    Pedro (16 years old)

    "With the project we can learn more about the technologies that interest us and share what we know with other students from other countries."

    Dany (16 years old)

    " With the project we use Robots that are a great way to combine programming with the challenges of working life. It help us to be prepared for the challenges of everyday life that we will face in a few times. Understanting mechanical problems and solving them with programming !! "

    Miguel, (17 years old)


    Impact on teachers:

    • Teachers must know basic software operations, as well as productivity applications software, a web browser, communications software, presentation software, and management applications.
    • Teachers  should be able to use network resources to help students collaborate, access information, and communicate with external experts to analyze and solve their selected problems. Teachers should also be able to use ICT to create and monitor individual and group student project plans. 
    • Teachers must be able to design ICT-based knowledge communities and use ICT to support the development of students’ knowledge creation skills and their continuous, reflective learning. 
    • Teacher will also be able to use new approaches and methodologies into the classroom. New devices will give more practical learning to their students.

    Teachers become MORE:

    • More innovative teaching methodologies;
    • more capable to produce attractive educational resources;
    • collaborators between peers;
    • Classes with better results;
    • More motivated students;
    • Training in different fields of the project;
    • Greater  labor market preparation for students
    • More friends...

    Example of application made by one french teacher for his village after App Inventor workshops :

    Teachers are always learning


    November 2016 - Italy


    Learning Slovenian....


    Remembering English... a lot of fun!


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