• Dissemination is  a  planned  process  of  providing  information  on  the  results  of  programmes  and  initiatives  to  key  actors.  It occurs  as  and  when  the  result  of  programmes  and  initiatives  become  available.  In  terms  of  the  Erasmus+  Programme  this involves  spreading  the  word  about  the  project  successes  and  outcomes  as  far  as  possible.  Making  others  aware  of  the project will impact on other organisations in the future and will contribute to raising the profile of the organisation carrying out  the  project.  To  effectively  disseminate  results,  an  appropriate  process  at  the  beginning  of  the  project  needs  to  be designed.  This  should  cover  whywhathowwhento  who  and where  disseminating  results  will take  place,  both  during and after the funding period.

    Source: Erasmus+ Programme Guide, p.302,  http://ec.europa.eu/programmes/erasmus-plus/sites/erasmusplus/files/files/resources/erasmus-plus-programme-guide_en.pdf

    All project partners participated several national and international activities to disseminate the project:

    - oral presentations during mobilities;

    - participation on conferences;

    - participation on teachers meetings;

    - spreading project leaflets;

    - Publishing presentations on Twinspace;

    - Sharing resource like the Learning Objects plans;

    - Website;

    - School Social Network;

    - Local and regional newspaper;

    - TV.



    Leaflet MO.R.E. Erasmus+ Ita

    Each country will spread the news about the project available on the FORUM.