"Water unites us!" is an KA219 Erasmus+ project with six partners. We are from the 1st General Lyceum of Argostoli (http://1lyk-argost.kef.sch.gr/autosch/joomla15/ ), Kefalonia, GREECE; Istituto di Istruzione Secondaria Superiore "E. Fermi", Lecce, ITALIA (www.fermilecce.gov.it ); Escola EB 2,3/S Paredes de Coura, Paredes de Coura, PORTUGAL (/www.facebook.com/me.aepc/) ; Srednja škola Metković, Metković, CROATIA (http://ss-metkovic.skole.hr ); Olaines 1.vidusskola, Olaine, LATVIA (http://www.o1vsk.lv/) and Akhisar Anadolu İmam Hatip high school, Manisa, TURKEY.

    We are six partners and "Water unites us!". The Greek school is ready to coordinate a two year KA2 partnership!. "Water unites us!" is a multidisciplinary Erasmus+ KA2 project that focuses on aquatic ecology. The main point of the project is to conduct a research into the similarities and differences among the participants' findings as far as the interaction between humans and the AQUE is concerned. Partners will focus on a variety of AQUE, e.g. seaside, lake, river, lagoon, waterfall and wetland and highlight their special features. We intend to exchange our experiences and ideas and create the space and conditions required for creativity, sharing the joy of spending time together. Furthermore we want to raise intercultural competence by working together in international groups. The project activities will be integrated into the curriculum of the participating students at the institutions involved. “History”, “Literature”, “Foreign languages”, “Mathematics”, “Natural Sciences”, "Art and Crafts", “Information and Computer Technology”, "Physical Education" and “Catering” are relative subjects.

    Our students aim to explore the water bodies, the various abiotic environmental parameters (water temperature, dissolved oxygen, acidity, salinity, conductivity, hardness, ions) of certain AQUE as well as the biodiversity. They will work in the field but also in the school laboratory in order to get familiar with computer and information as well as laboratory technology. They will also highlight local history, culture, traditions, cuisine and get familiar with water sports. At the same time they intend to record and mark out the cultural and socioeconomic activities that take place in this framework. Very often, though, human activities disturb ecological balance.

    Finishing our project, we hope to have raised environmental consciousness among students, teachers, parents and the public and highlight the greatness of Mother Nature! In addition we believe in sensitizing the local community and the authorities to take measures for a rational use of the AQUE aiming at its sustainability according to Council Directive 92/43/EEC on the Conservation of natural habitats and of wild fauna and flora. The project seeks to encourage the exchange of ideas, knowledge and customs with the interaction of students over creative activities such as practicing water sports, taking photos from the ecosystems, recording, filming and doing research work in the field and in the school laboratory. We hope that students will maintain a correspondence even after the end of the project because our ultimate aim is to create and maintain close ties between young Europeans!