During the 1st transnational project meeting in Olaine, Latvia (November, 2017) partners decided that the project logo will be selected through students’ voting. The duty to carry out the logo voting process was given to Turkey. Thereafter four partner countries (Croatia, Greece, Italy, Latvia) sent their logo proposals to Turkey and the questionnaire was created on Google forms. The notice board was prepared with the visuals and the brief explanations of the proposals without giving the names of the countries’ names (figures 1, 2, 3, 4). So, the students did not know which proposal was prepared by which partner country.  400 Turkish students voted online for the logo proposals.



    Figure 1.


    Figure 2.


    Figure 3.


    Figure 4.


    After the voting process was completed, the Latvian logo proposal which was voted most was announced as the logo of our Project.



    “People always try to be near the water. People build different buildings close to the water, describe water in their art works, get food, do sports or just take a rest close to the nature and water. A human itself consists of water.”

    Written by Haralds BerÄ·is, student of Form 7b, Olaines 1.vidusskola, LATVIA