• Hello Schoolovisioners!

    This year marks our 7th participation in this well loved project. We have been here since the very beginning in 2009 and we are also looking forward to watch every entry of Schoolovision 2015! 

    This year Malta is presenting the Maltese popular song “Il-Merill Twitt Twitt.” It is about Malta’s national bird, “The Blue Rock Thrush.” The Blue Rock Thrush or “The Merill” as it is known in Maltese, is a solitary bird which resides in cliffs, especially the ones near the coast. The male's body is blue with black wings and tail. The female is dark brown in colour. The Blue Rock Thrush feeds on worms, grasshoppers, lizards and skinks. Telegraph poles, wires, trapping hides and rubble walls are amongst this birds favourite perches. The Blue Rock Thrush has a lovely melodious call as our song says.  In the past, this bird’s eggs were popular with collectors and Blue Rock Thrushes were becoming rare because their nests were being robbed. To protect it from extinction, legislators made the Blue Rock Thrush the national bird of Malta and it has became illegal to hunt the bird or disturb its nest.

    I hope you will like our video and would appreciate if you find time to add your comments on the padlet below. 


    Schoolovision 2015 from videos on Vimeo.