• Our entry:

    The author of the song is a girl who is singing. 

    The video was created by the boy from the same class.



    Gustav Adolf Grammar School is located in Tallinn, in Estonia. It is the oldest school in Estonia and it has been operating continuously since its founding in 1631. Our school is named after the 17th century Swedish king Gustav II Adolf, who also founded the University of Tartu in 1632, a year after our school. One part of the school is located inside an abbey from the 13th century. Nowadays we have more than a 1000 students and 70 teachers in this school. Gustav Adolf Grammar School is one of the more prestigious and high-ranking schools in Tallinn, not to mention its historical and cultural value.

    2009 position - 2nd
    2010 position - 8th
    2011 position - 4th
    2012 position - 15th
    2013 position - 18th
    2014 position - 9th