Germany - Freie Schule Kassel

  • Freie Schule Kassel has been the coadministrating partner for this project during the past years. As some of our partners and especially the project founders from Scotland are taking a break this year, we are organising this fun round of Schoolovision 2015 on the eTwinning TwinSpace.

    Our small alternative school initiative consists of little more than 60 pupils up to grade six, a bunch of enthusiastic staff, parents who like to be involved plus a tiny herd of school sheep. Together we're looking forward to the 25th anniversary of the legalization of our wonderful school.

    We have been members of eTwinning since it was introduced in 2005. So we are also joyfully celebrating the 10th anniversary of our international project work.

    Of course, much of this work went into our entries for and the adminstration of Schoolovision which we joined right at its start in 2009. The sheer amount and quality of all the Scholovision entries we have seen in these past years make us very proud.

    As you can see, we did try for a SV15 entry. This lively gang started to write a very nice song, but with many other projects at our heels, time was running short. So after all (and apart from the administration of this project), we ended up taking a break from Schoolovision this year.  


    So instead please enjoy our entry from last year: