• Hi all,

    Qworzó is proud to present to you the Belgian entry for Schoolovision 2015!

    This year we wanted to go one step further!  The children wanted to write their own song a song about friendship.  So this is not a cover or a traditional song restyled, but it truly is the creation of the children in our class!  Not only did they write the lyrics themselves, they created the music too (under the supervision of Door)!  

    We hope you will like it and we would be very interested in reading your comments below!

    Kind regards,

    The Belgian team at Qworzó, Merksplas

    Schoolovision Belgium 2015 from BosklassenQworzo on Vimeo.

    If you want to sing along, you can find the lyrics here:

    Qworzó Merksplas will be rejoining Schoolovision for the sixth time!  28 sixth-graders will be preparing the Belgian entry for SoV 2015!

    Qworzó is a primary school in the Flemish part of Belgium.  The children speak Dutch and learn French as a second language.

    We look forward to creating our entry and to watching your entries very much already!

    This is our school website:

    Here you can watch our entry from last year: 

    And here are our entries of the past few years:

    2010 position - 11th

    2011 position - 14th

    2012 position - 17th

    2013 position - 11th

    This is a picture of the children in our class (Jarne was ill at the moment this picture was made): 

    Good luck to all of you!