Hello, friends!!!

    Volksschule Wildbach will represent Austria in Schoolovision for the 7th year running.                               We have been "Schoolovisioners" from the start, in 2009, and we are looking forward                             watching all contributions of Schoolovision 2015 :)

    Our Jenaplan –School –Wildbach is an elementary school situated in the south of Graz in Styria.                 Our children are in the age of 6-10 years. It´s a small school (7 classes) in a rural environment.                    For about 10 years the profile of our school is working at the main principles of the "Jenaplan".

    We are happy to present our new song "Magic".

    Our vocalists are Marlene, Lara Sofie,

    Moritz and Florian. On flute Sophia and on sax 

    Florian. Have fun watching it :)