Famous persons in...

Each student presents a famous person in his/her country by making simple sentences on the person's name, age, birthday, nationality, town and job. A photo of this person must be added to the work. Students send their works to their partners (each class sends 2 or 3 works to each class partner). The famous persons has to be various (singers, a...

Concurso del Logo/Logo contest for the project

Logo (Ecole Victor Hugo)


Logos (IES Joaquín Rodrigo)

CASTELLANO: Tanto la comunidad educativa del IES Joaquín Rodrigo como la comunidad educativa de Ecole Victor Hugo decidieron que el logo que debe representar al proyecto debe ser el Ecole Victor Hugo. En el caso del IES Joaquín Rodrigo porque apreciamos el esfuerzo de nuestros compañeros de Francia al fundar el proyecto, como se recoge en el diario de proyecto.
ENGLISH: Both the educational community of IES Joaquín Rodrigo and the educational community of Ecole Victor Hugo decided that the logo that should represent the project should be the Ecole Victor Hugo. In the case of IES Joaquín Rodrigo because we appreciate the effort of our colleagues from France in founding the project, as it is included in the project diary.
Author: Abel Carenas Velamazán
Last editor: Abel Carenas Velamazán