Step 4 - Take action

  • After raising awareness and discussing responsible options, it's now your turn to take action!


    Your final task

    You will have to take action to improve the situation. Don't forget that small changes can make a big difference!

    So with your teammates, you will have to:

    a) discuss and   choose the topic of your action  (unfortunately you won't be able to change everything, so focus on a topic / an aspect which is particularly important to you!)

    b) decide the  type of action  you will take. You can create a videoclip, a poster, a leaflet, write and send a letter to officials in each country and / or to European officials...There are so many things you can do! Just be creative and convincing!

    NB: Once you have made your decision, post it here:

    The second part of this Step is: work in team to  make your final task .

    Keep in mind that team work is more efficient when you share tasks and use individual skills to achieve a better result!

    If you use pictures in your final creation, make sure they are copyright free (useful sites:,,