Step 1- Introduction


    Dear students,


    You must have seen it in the media. Just have a look at the headlines above!

    I’m sure you all agree: we cannot go on like this, think of the future generations!

    We have to react! We have to raise awareness and see how we can take responsibility for what we eat...


    So it is a great honour for us to tell you that you have been appointed by a new European public health and environment

    Commission to tackle the problem.


    We need reliable young Europeans like you to make sure we can improve the situation by eating in a more responsible way.

    But of course the situation is so critical that we cannot take the risk to spread fake news. That’s the reason why all your

    work and research will be top secret until the final outcome.

    So nothing will be published until the end of the project and by taking part, you promise NOT to divulge anything from

    the research to anybody.


    All the teams who work hard to achieve their tasks and who respect the non-disclosure agreement will be given keys to

    reach all the steps and have the chance to have  their findings published.


    Yours sincerely,


    The Commission spokesman