I feel good.


    How are you today? Let's ask pupils at our schools. Click on the icons to find out ;-)


    We all feel good and hope you will be even better when you listen to our concert :-) 

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    Credits: Firma Muzyczna z Krakowa, 'Przybij Rurkę'.

    Do you feel like dancing with us? Click on the balloons and join 'I Feel Good' dance:

    'I feel good' poems written by Icelandic, Polish,mTurkish and Spanish pupils. Enjoy reading :-)

    'Eventually, I Feel Good" it is a story written by Polish, Spanish, Turkish and Icelandic pupils which can happen to  everyone. Enjoy reading :-)

    It is time for the pantomime!

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    Part 1: pupils at Primary School No 5, Bielsk Podlaski, Poland

    Part 2: pupils at Binbaşı Necati Bey İlkokulu, İSTANBUL Turkey

    Part 3: pupils at Grunnskoli Bolungarvikur, Bolungarvgik, Iceland

    Part 4: pupils at CEIP ADELA SANTANA, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Spain

    How are you doing today? I hope you are fine. Click on the link to play a game:

    Time for puzzles. Have fun ;-)
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