•  Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! To make your Christmas special, click on the Christmas tree and play 'Rudolph' with us:

    Credits: Firma Muzyczna z Krakowa, program 'Przybij Rurkę"

    Let's dance with Rudolph ;-)

    Click on the icons and dance with us:

    Very Merry Christmas to All Partners!

    Happy New Year from Turkey!

    Happy Children's Day

    Happy Mother's Day

    Republic Day in Turkey

    Christmas Time in Iceland. Very Merry Christmas:


    Warm Christmas greetings have reached their destinations :-)

    Christmas Greetings sent by Polish pupils arrived on time. Turkish pupils enjoyed reading them very much :-)

    Look at us. How happy we are at Christmas Time.  We have just received Christmas greetings from partners schools. Very merry Christmas from   Spain :-)

    Polish pupils have just received Christmas cards from partner schools . Thank you our friends :-)


        Snowman Game - let's play!