Let's play with colours

  • Boomwhackers - They are lightweight, hollow, colour-coded, plastic tubes, tuned to musical pitches by length. They are used as musical instruments in the percussion family. They can also be used for games.

    Klanza sheet - it is a large rainbow sheet. It can be used to many joyful games. 


    Let's play with a little ball... and a Klanza sheet, of course :-)

    Throw a little ball into the whole in the middle of a rainbow sheet. Click on the icons to watch:

    Let's Play with colours!

    When you hear your colour, run under the sheet and change your place with a friend. Click on the icons and have fun:

    Jellyfish Game - Let's play together!

    The Klanza sheet is 'a jellyfish'. Throw it up and sit down quickly.  If you are covered by 'jellyfish' you have to leave the game. Click on the icons and play with us :-)

    Shark Game - Are you ready to play?

    A shark is under water and it is ready to attack. Be careful!  There are two lifeguards to protect you. Shout 'help' when you are in danger.Click on the icons to play with us:


    Let's build a boomwhackers tower!

     Use as many boomhackers as possible to make a tower. The tower has to stay put for at least 3 seconds. Good luck!

    Click on the icons and have fun:


        Boomwhackers Race    

    Disposal the boomwhackers in two rows and start the slalom.

    Ready, steady, go!