About the project - what to do ...

  • Title: Sound by Sound, Step by Step Together

    ICT, Foreign Languages (mostly English), Culture, Music, Art, Drama, Cross Curricular, Geography, Language and Literature, Regional Education, Physical Education, Religion


    The main objectives are to promote cultural awareness and creativity through:

    - writing in a variety of styles (poems, riddles, storytelling)
    -  taking part in building  European artistic culture
    - playing boomwhackers
    - playing Klanza Sheet
    - expressing their creativity through the music and art including painting, drawing, photography, dance and drama.
    - working on various mediums which will make the learning more attractive to all
    - developing practical skills and research skills
    - developing openness and tolerance to other cultures
    - hepling people in need by organizing charity actions
    - making European friends 


    • To open the pupils minds through the experience of other countries’ customs, culture, and ways of thinking.
    • To be proud of their own country and hometown and their cultural heritage
    • To celebrate their own work and the work of other schools by concerts and artworks exhibitions at schools
    • To increase the enjoyment and attractiveness of learning, stimulating creativity.
    • To master new skills both in the cultural and the technological field.
    • To improve  knowledge about different systems of education and exchange ideas about learning and teaching.
    • To increase the level of English
    • To develop cross-curricular teaching by  implementing  the project
    • To engage parents, grandparents and local artists, actors, dancers, musicians in the children's learning
    • To improve and strengthen the relationships between European schools

    What to do (working process): 

     - designing the logo (upload three the best ideas from your school)

    - introducing notes and the technique of playing on boomwhackers

    - choosing the song to paly on boowhackers

    - organizing the twinspace

    - Children inspired by the song write a story which is continued in other partner schools which is published as an ebook

    - Childrens inspired by the song write  poems which are published as an ebook

    - Each school makes videos of their pupils works and publish on twinspace

    - international exhibition and concerts in each school 

    - drama, pantomime can be created as well

    - each school starts a story related to a chosen song and sends the story to one of the partners (the key: Iceland to Poland,  Poland to  Turkey, Turkey to  Spain and Spain to Iceland) the story will be started in one school and then continued in others. Each story will be turned into pantomime based on this story. 

    - some quizzes, crosswords and puzzles will be created related to the songs.

    - The workshops with famous actors, dancers, musicians will be organized to learn e.g pantomime techniques, new dance techniques and skills, etc

    - In each school charty actions will be organised to help people in need.

    -.Meanwhile we can create postcards (e.g. Christmas cards)  

    Good luck and have fun :-)


    Expected results: 

    • Increased knowledge about music in general
    • Increased knowledge about other cultures and customs
    • Increased ICT skills
    • Increased social skills
    • Increased motivation
    • Increased creativity
    • Increased self-confidence
    • Increased knowledge about partners’ school systems
    • Increased language skills
    • Increased knowledge about pantomime  techniques
    • Increased knowledge about dance techniques
    • Inceased emphaty with people in need