Don't worry, be happy :-)

  • Music Can Uplifts Your Mood 

    • Whenever you feel sad or depressed listen to nice music
    • Songs with positive messages, filled with inspirational meanings can truly uplift your mood
    • Music can reduce your stress
    • You enjoy a happier perception when you listen to lively music
    • Music is a safe and cheap way to improve your mood


    The better mood the better life, so don’t worry, be happy, take your boomwhackers and join us :-)

    Click on the icons and play with us:

    Credits: Firma Muzyczna z Krakowa, 'Przybij Rurkę'.

    Do you feel like dancing? So, let's dance a 'Happy Dance'!

    Click on the icons and dance with us:

    A New Poster

    A lot of music and some dances will make you feel happy. 

    Celebrate the Earth Day with us :-) 


    To celebrate the Earth Day in a fantastic mood we prepared badges and shared them with our friends:

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    Are you ready for a new adventure? If yes, sit down on a comfortable sofa and read our story "Don't Worry!":

    Story written by Spanish, Polish, Turkish an Icelanic pupils.

    Now it is time for the Pantomime.

    Click on the icons and enjoy watching:


    Part 1: pupils at Primary School No 5, Bielsk Podlaski, Poland

    Part 2: pupils at CEIP ADELA SANTANA, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Spain

    Part 3: pupils at Grunnskoli Bolungarvikur, Bolungarvgik, Iceland

    Part 4: pupils at Binbaşı Necati Bey İlkokulu, İSTANBUL Turkey

    Be Happy and Take Jigsaw Puzzles :-)

    preview48 pieceIce Cream preview40 pieceFrogpreview42 piecebasketballpreview42 pieceBe happy

    Let's play a game!