A children's game for the Hearing-Impaired

  • Project children do research on the two topics,i.e. hearing impairments and children's games.

    Greek children interview a Maths teacher of a Secondary School for the Deaf and the Headteacher of a Primary School for the Deaf who visit them at school and they share all the new information with their partners on a Linoit (TwinSpace Page "What have we learnt?"). Project children prepare a questionnaire they address to hearing-impaired children. A participating class from Turkey answers the questions and provides important information for the project partners to create a fun and interesting game. (see "Questions and Answers") Project  children visit the Primary School for the Deaf to get to know more about hearing-impaired people. After the visit, they share information with partners on a Meetingwords . Studying the information all project classes prepare various children's games which they post and arrange on a ThingLink for the Guest Classes from Turkey and Greece to find, play and evaluate. The games were tested and evaluated by the Primary School for the Deaf in Greece and at the YEŞİLKÖY İŞİTME ENGELLİLER OKULU ,Denizli who provided feedback.