Online Meeting 1

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    Online Meeting 1- November 15th, 2017

    On November 15th, 2017 project classes from Holland, Ukraine and Greece meet on eTwinning Live to get to know each other in their transnational workgroups, play the 3Cs game of quizziz and vote for the types of games and disabilities they wish to work on. 


    Agenda of the meeting

    1. Project Teachers introduce themselves (name, subject they teach + anything they wish to share with partners)

    2. (Video shooting) Project Classes take turns to say : "Hi, Partners! We are from .... (country) and we live in ..... (city). We are in the ....... Grade of the ......................... (name of school)."

      3. Pupils introduce themselves in their Transnational Groups (name, favourite subject, hobby or sport)

    4. Quizziz about the 3 project countries (copy and paste your link on your browser Project pupils get their devices and play live (10 secs for each question)


    5. Project pupils get their devices, type  on their browser, use the code 581505 and answer the following question "eTwinclusive Disabilities" Which groups of people with impairments would you like to focus on as part of this project?

    (The project consists of three main activities one for each one of the first three types of impairments the project pupils will vote for)

    To answer the second question, they use the code 307683. They should answer the question which games would you like to create for and play with people/children with impairments?

    (The project consists of three main activities. Each activity will aim at producing instructions and material for one of the first three types of games the project pupils will vote for)

    What should students do after the online meeting?

    1. Click on the tricider, ask and answer questions about partners' daily routine,  habits, likes and dislikes.

    2.Click on the names of the students you are in the same Transnational Group, read their profile and

    post a positive comment on their Wall.