eTwinclusive Games

#eTwinclusion “eTwinclusive Games” is a five-month eTwinning project involving 10-year-olds from Holland, Spain, Greece and Turkey in the creation of three different types of games designed to include children (or people) with impairments in activities usually enjoyed only by people without impairments. More specifically, the project pupils will wo...

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As part of collecting resources for the game we intend to make for hearing impaired children, a Maths teachers, Ms Effie who teaches teenagers at the Junior and Senior High Schools for the Deaf in Athens, Greece visited the Greek partner, the 5th Graders of the 10th Helioupolis Primary School and answered the questions they had prepared. 

(see below photos of the visit as well as the list of questions asked by the pupils and the answers provided by the visiting teacher)



Author: Natalia Tzitzi
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