eTwinclusive Games

“eTwinclusive Games” is a six-month project involving pupils from Holland, Spain and Greece in the creation of three different types of games designed to include children with impairments in activities usually enjoyed by able-bodied people. The project pupils worked in transnational groups to design (i) children's games for hearing-impaired in...

Project Journal

  • We are very happy to be awarded the Quality Label for our work, too! Thank you, partners!


    - Posted by Natalia Tzitzi, 09.09.2018

  • We got the Quality Label!The Spanish students are thrilled and we want to say thank you for all your help and support and specially for your hard work. Thank you partners!!


    - Posted by Mónica Marín Saavedra, 07.09.2018

  • Glitter Words
    Thank you, Partners, for the wonderful experience teachers and students have shared!!
    - Posted by Natalia Tzitzi, 05.07.2018

  • After brainstorming in the FL class and researching in ICT class, pupils posted texts on a prezi for partners to add images and the introductory text to a presentation about animals assisting disabled people.

    - Posted by Natalia Tzitzi, 05.07.2018

  • Today the Spanish students have presented the Project Etwinclusive Games to the rest of the students and teachers from the School. They have paid a lot of attention and they think that that the Project is great!



    - Posted by Mónica Marín Saavedra, 20.06.2018