The project "Adventurous Maths and Science" focuses on the exchange of good practice in teaching and learning mathematics, natural sciences and computer science and their connection with the functioning of the labour market. We want to encourage young people to invest time in learning mathematics and natural science, highlight the opportunities they bring and improve the language skills of young people and teachers. In addition, the purpose of the project is to skilfully use the Internet and ICT tools in learning and teaching.

    The project is a realisation of the Erasmus + project " Matematyka i nauki przyrodnicze pełne przygód" (Adventurous Maths and Science). It will last from 4th September 2017 to 3rd  September 2019. Throughout the project we plan to organise videoconferences, discuss case studies and publish the results of the project.
    The project will directly involve 40 students and 12 teachers from Poland and a similar number of pupils and teachers from partner countries. Students will come from all classes, those in which mathematics is not taught as an extended subject as well as from mathematical, physical, IT, biological and chemical classes.
    The partners will organize a Maths contest, short exchanges for young people, workshops for partner school teachers and video conferences between project partners. Teachers will plan and conduct innovative lessons based on good practice in partner schools and they will get recommendations of educational institutions.

    As a result of the project activities, the following products will be obtained:
    - a book containing an international collection of mathematical tasks
    - a book of lesson plans with photocopiable materials and links
    - multilingual dictionary
    - films presenting scientific experiments
    - films about famous scientists
    - documentation of case studies
    - an exhibition on mathematics and science
    - project website.
    We hope that the project will interest students in mathematics and life sciences which will translate into better results in current assessments and success in high school final exams. We want students to see the correlation between the need to learn science and the requirements of the labour market. We want students to use the internet in an efficient and secure way.