Teachers' Communication

  • Teachers' Communication

    To share basic information

    To collaborate, we, as teachers, have used a variety of tools. Here are a few examples:

    • The TwinSpace's Teachers' Lounge:
    • The TwinMail:

    • Our personal email addresses.

    To build the project

    Before launching the project itself in our classroom, we discussed our different ideas and shared our opinions in a Google Document. The planning was more detailed here and the comments enabled us to share ideas.

    To share the tasks

    We decided to share the different tasks. Ildiko was the project launcher, she was in charge on the general organization and the planning of tasks. Nieves was in charge of the second stage, mainly encouraging teachers to post on time and sharing creative ideas to complete the project. Estelle finalized the project and reorganized the Twinspace for the visitors.