Presentation of the project

  • What is our Bookworm Company?

    As language teachers we were looking for a creative and innovative idea to work on reading and writing with our EFL (English as a Foreign Language) students. We came up with the idea to have them read books they had chosen to read and share what they learnt with their partners. In the end, our objective was to have them publish a trailer convincing their partners to read their book.

    How did they choose the book?

    As teachers we had decided to use readers (adapted versions) of classical novels. We organized book tasting sessions in our different classes to let the students choose (and defend their choice).

    Which book did they choose?

    Once every partner had made their book tasting we shared our choices. Here is the summary:

    France Dracula
    Hungary Tom Sawyer
    Italy Oliver Twist
    Poland 20,000 Leagues under the Sea
    Spain The Canterville Ghost
    Ukraine Alice in Wonderland


    What did they do afterwards?

    We organized our project in five stages (as you can read in the planning of activities):

    • stage one: students introduced themselves and discovered the project
    • stage two: the students in each country read the book and shared within their own classes what they had learnt,
    • stage three: the students in each country posted information about the book (summary, author, plot, characters, dictionary ...) to teach their partners about the book,
    • stage four: the students from each country used the information learnt from their partners to create quizzes, posters, scenes, games about the book they hadn't read.
    • stage five: the students evaluated the project and published their final trailer

    What is the final production?

    The final production is a trailer.