16 - We talk about us!

  • Denmark: you can read about our project in the 2016 eTwinning book "Developing active citizenship through eTwinning" p.50-51>>> here <<< click this link


    In Spain, the NSS has included a thorough article in their webpage as example of "best prectice". It's in Spanish: http://etwinning.es/ciudadania-digital-better-esafe-than-sorry/?lang=es

    In Villanueva de la Serena, the mayor has officially received the students of IES San José who have participated in the eTwinning project:



    This article about our project was written in a Dutch educational journal:

    ​France: we presented this projet during the PNF, a national conference about media education. Some teachers tweeted about it:

    ​Our project is also on a very important educational website from the Ministry of education, presented as a good project about media education: