00 - Presentation of the project

  • Hello Visitor/Participant,

    We're partners from six European countries: Spain, Denmark, Bulgaria, the Netherlands, the UK and France. Some of us have already worked together on other eTwinning projects. Some of us have met at an eTwinning conference. We all have the desire to work together in helping our pupils and our schools to be better prepared in our rapidly changing Digital World.

    So, we've created this project that we called "Better e-Safe Than Sorry": we will work/do research collaboratively in order to improve our schools pratices/policy about ICT and we will even try to get an eSafety label (learn more about it here). By doing so, we will also help our pupils to better understand how they should act/behave/surf responsibly ONLINE.

    Last but not least we will also participate with the Safer Internet Day 2016.