09 - Videoconference France - Denmark

  • Videoconference France - Denmark



    French pupils' questions to the Danish pupils

    - How many students are you in your school ? (Valentin)

    -What is the sport the most played in Danemark ? (Léo-Paul)

    -How many have you court time ? (Axiane)

    -What do you like eating ? (Noé)

    -How many pupils are you in the class? (Nathan)

    -What sport do you do in school? (Victor)

    -How mush time do you spend at school per day ? (Clément )

    - Do you have proms in your school ? ( Cléome )

    -What kind of music do you like ? (Irem)

    -Where is Denmark on the world map? (Yeliz)

    - What your favorite celebrities ? ( Noa )

    -Who is your favorite teacher ? (solène)

    -What is your favorite questionnaire ? (Maé)

    -What is your favourite school subject ? (Lilou)

    -How many holidays have you got? (Merve)

    -What the culinary specialty of Denmark? (Eva)

    -where did you do your school journey ? (Nicolas)

    -what type of food do you eat? (Félix)

    -What activity do you practice in your school or outside?(Antoine)

    - Do you learn french in your school ? (Camille)

    -Which language do you learn at school ? (Suzanne)

    -Do you travel in another country with your school? (Thomas)

    -Do you work during the afternoon ? (Justin)

    Danish pupils' questions to the French pupils

    - How many students are you your class? (Merve)

    - How many breaks do you have in a day?(Victor)

    - How long time do you spend on homework, daily? (Irem)

    - What is the name of your school? ( Clément )

    - Which sport do you like? (Valentin)(Léo-Paul), (axiane)

    - Do you like school? / What do you like best about school? (Yeliz)

    - How old are you? (Maé)

    - What is your favorit food? ( Noa )

    - What is your mothers name? (Noé)

    -What is your favorit color ? (Lilou)

    -What is your favorit class/subject?(Nicolas) (Suzanne)

    -Who is your favorit teacher?( Solène )

    -Are there schools in France where students wear school uniform? What is your opinion on school uniform? ( Cléome ) (Félix)

    -Do you bring your own food to school or do you buy/get lunch at school? (Eva)

    -Do you have exams every year? and what happens if you fail them? (Camille)

    -Which sport do you do in Denmark (Nathan)

    -We go to the same undivided school untill 16 years (9. grade) then we choose to go to highschool or vocational school. When do you change school and start specialization? (Thomas)

    We have heard about the terror atacks in France.  

    -Do you talk about in school and has it changed anything at your school?

    -Has it had an influence on your everyday life? (Justin)