03 - MP3 presentation of our pupils

  • This first activity is aimed to help you get to know your pals... and for them to get to know you!


    Here are the steps of this activity:

    1- Write an email to a member of your group to get to know him/her and ask for a picture. Ask how much time they spend on social media and what they know of/about internet safety: privacy and personal information (online identity)

    2- Realize a mp3 file with what you've learned (With a microphone, you can use http://vocaroo.com or the freeware Audacity).

    3- Upload it along with a picture of your penpal using http://www.fotobabble.com and embed it in your group thread, into the forum. Don't hesitate to go on the Tutorial page: http://twinspace.etwinning.net/4386/pages/page/43971


    Here are some exemples of what have been produced


    We decided to publish only a few examples for privacy reasons. Everything is accessible to etwinning members in the "Material" section, in "Files", in the "00 - Mp3" folder or on the MP3 forum.

    Monika by Solen:

    Rick by Ivan :


    Sam by Georgi :

    Luna by Ellen: