Better e-Safe Than Sorry

In and outside our schools, we all use ICT. We use them in a lot of different ways: post messages, write blogs, create slideshows, share pictures, produce videos, do research, write emails, etc. But do we know how to use the Internet safely? The aim of our project is to try to implement good ICT practices (21st century skills) in our schools and to...

Project Journal

  • Here is the result of our survey

    2016-06 Project report.png

    - Posted by Maxime Drouet, 25.06.2016

  • Dutch students working on their e-safety poster with tips/recommendations for peers/colleagues/school board/etc.


    - Posted by Dennis Jurhill, 14.06.2016

  • Filling in the evaluation surveys. We're almost done!!

    evaulation survey 1.jpeg

    evaulation survey 2.jpeg

    - Posted by Miguel Garcia, 10.06.2016

  • Our new eSafety Label :)

    - Posted by Deyana Peykova, 06.06.2016

  • Students working on their final presentations. Let's see how they perform next week...

    Smartphones group.jpg

    Cyberbullying Group.jpg

    Videogames Group.jpg

    - Posted by Miguel Garcia, 02.06.2016