The Sierpinski Carpet Project is a nonprofit, collective and joint activity among children, from 3 to 16 (extended to to 99 years old), around the world. We want to build a giant geometric fractal, known as Sierpinski Carpet, with coloured squared stickers.

Plan of activities

One of the main purposes of the Sierpinski Carpet Project is to create or designe a series of activities and documents which complement the construction of our Sierpinski Carpet.

Publication: These activities are prepared by students and teachers, and then exhibited during the PROGRAMMED EVENTS.

We plan to exhibit a selection of the best pictures and activities included here, in May 13, 2016 during the assembling of the 7th iteration in Almería.

The following  list of activities was planned by the main coordinators of 6th iterations , which are partners of the project in Scientix (Germany, Poland, Romania, Serbia, Spain, Turkey), and others were suggested by participants:

These activities must be uploaded by the participants (teachers or students) including the following data (recommended):

Photo, video, link:
Short description:
School(s), teacher(s), student (s):
Original source: (if author is different)

Author: Dolores Jiménez Cárdenas
Last editor: Anica Tričković