The Sierpinski Carpet Project is a nonprofit, collective and joint activity among children, from 3 to 16 (extended to to 99 years old), around the world. We want to build a giant geometric fractal, known as Sierpinski Carpet, with coloured squared stickers.


Minecraft is a game about breaking and placing blocks. At first, people built structures to protect against nocturnal monsters, but as the game grew players worked together to create wonderful, imaginative things. Gameplay involves players interacting with the game world by placing and breaking various types of blocks in a three-dimensional environment. In this environment, players can build creative structures, creations, and artwork on multiplayer servers (here you can find tutorial how to make a Minecraft server) and singleplayer worlds across multiple game modes.

(See: Minecraft copyrights)

But, we can use Minecraft in Education too. For building the fractals, for example (you can see it here).

So, we can use it for building our Sierpinski carpet :)


322.Hürriyet İlkokulu-Akdeniz / MERSİN/TURKEY

Yıldız Kanlıöz


118. OŠ "Toplički heroji", Žitorađa, Serbia


3rd iteration of Sierpinski carpet in Minecraft


Dragana, 11 years old

4th iteration of the Sierpinski carpet

Dragana, 11 years old


Anđela, 11 years old

Luka, 11 years old

Menger sponge


Luka, 11 years old

Boro, 11 years old

Veljko, 12 years old

Petra, 12 years old

Author: Anica Tričković
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