The Sierpinski Carpet Project is a nonprofit, collective and joint activity among children, from 3 to 16 (extended to to 99 years old), around the world. We want to build a giant geometric fractal, known as Sierpinski Carpet, with coloured squared stickers.

Project Journal

  • You can go to Youtube to see it in high resolution
    - Posted by Dolores Jiménez Cárdenas, 28.05.2016

  • We are so happy because of the successfull of #SierpinskiAlmeria. Thanks eTwinners for all your colaboration during these 2 years. You can see some news, and links to albums of this event at
    - Posted by Dolores Jiménez Cárdenas, 16.05.2016

  • The 7th iteration of Sierpinski Carpet is finished on May 13th in Almeria, Spain!!!! Event was a huge success with participation of more then 1000 students and teachers from several countries.
    Thank you all for your collaboration in this huge project!!! We did the great thing!


    - Posted by Anica Tričković, 14.05.2016

  • The 4th iteration of Sierpinski Stones is finished!


    - Posted by Anica Tričković, 14.05.2016

  • Everybody is welcome to join #SierpinskiStones activity. Use any objects you like and help us finish this virtual carpet by 13th of May. You can add your pictures HERE on the project too.

    - Posted by Anica Tričković, 25.04.2016