European Active Citizenship Erasmus+ Radio Podcast

Recording radio podcast about Europe 2020 issues is a very good way for the students to develope their skills in comunication, ICTs and English, obviuosly related to the key competences. That is also a good way to contact with the most important social problems in Europe an the European institutions. Europe 2020 is the European Union’s ten-year...

Preparatory podcasts

This programme is about Europe and its institutions. Our students speak about the importance of belonging to EU. They even show us the opinion of some of the Spanish members of the European Parliament.
English and Spanish
This programme is about poverty and social exclusion. Our reporters talked to the social educator of our school and the social worker of our distric in Córdoba, Moreras. As all they told sounded interesting, the audio lasts a little bit more and it was translated simultaneously by our assistant teacher of English, Tia Theisen. The audio finishes with a funny commercial about the renewable energy.
English and Spanish
This cultural programme is about the sustainable future. Our reporters talk obut a theatre play called in Spanish La decisión de Villalimpia,  by a Spanish writer called Ignasi García Barba. He is very concerned about this kind of problems . The play is also a tribute to some classical tales, novels and films.

As our first podcast was only a training task, this is our third and last one. It is the Breaking News program about our school and things happening related with the European goals.



This programme is a subject interview about issues related to child poverty and social exclusion. The reportes interview youth worker Bodil Weckström and social educator Guy Enqvist about what the municipailty does for children and young ones in Sibbo. The intervie is conducted in Swedish by 8th graders and the interpreting is done by 9th graders.
Swedish and English
This is a cultural program where the students discuss topics related to a video clip about How Oceans Clean themselves where the  young Dutch entrepreneur talks about his invention. They also discuss the topic of plastic waste in general.
This is a round table discussion about the topics social exclusion and child poverty based on reports from the EU 2020, Unicef and Mannerheim barnskyddsförbund (An organisation for childprotection in Finland)



This is breaking news about plastic waste . The 8th graders watched a video about a young Dutch entrpreneur Boyan Slat who discovered a way in which ocean clean themselves. And they also did dome research on the problem of plastic.



Program on essential European problems, especially social exclusion, child poverty, the possibility of changing the status quo. And advertising of renewable energy in the future as well.
Culture programme of Latvia. Interviewes about history of Latvia and Livonia. Folklore about education. Folk songs and sayings.
English, Latvian,
Breaking News about education. News about education in Latvia and European union.
Podcast on child poverty- interviews with the Croatian ombudsman for children and the member of a non government organization who organize initiatives to help the poor+commercial on renewable energy (included in the podcast)
(the numbers which you will see in the script are meant for the technician to know where to make the cut in the materials we brought)
English/interviews in Croatian but with English translation (overvoice)
Duration: 8:40
Programme on different activist festivals and events dealing with human rights and science all over Europe
Programme on immigrants, student protests, unemployment
Discussing child poverty in Europe
In this podcast II year students  from IIS Raffaello, Urbino, Italy discuss about child poverty in Europe taking into account the present situation  and the actions the EU has put into practice so far.
Europe 2020 strategy          
A larger group of students from IIS Raffaello interview each other on the key issues oh child poverty and social exclusion
No smoking no smog      
This is a  commercial on renewable energies  promoting positive habits to prevent further pollution.
Author: Francisca Bascón
Last editor: Hillevi Lassas