European Active Citizenship Erasmus+ Radio Podcast

Recording radio podcast about Europe 2020 issues is a very good way for the students to develope their skills in comunication, ICTs and English, obviuosly related to the key competences. That is also a good way to contact with the most important social problems in Europe an the European institutions. Europe 2020 is the European Union’s ten-year...

Welcome to the EAC Radio Podcast

Welcome eveybody to our EAC Radio Podcast. In this first page you can see how to write a radio script  and the instructions to record a podcast. Finally you can find out some platforms to upload your audio file. We hope it will be useful for you. 

If you click on materials, you can find some examples made by our students. In fact they are in Spanish but we hope the next ones will be in English.


Author: Francisca Bascón
Last editor: Francisca Bascón