• This is the questionnaire used for the evaluation


    Thirteen teachers from five schools answered the questions. These are the average (from 1 to 5 range) and the main conclusions drawn.


    1.- Problems or difficulties with:
    a.    ITC tools
    b.   Scripts
    c.    Learning to record
    d.   Accomplish deadlines.    
    e.    Uploading materials on e Twinning
    According to the 13 answers, most difficulties are related with accomplishing the deadlines. Perhaps five podcasts were too many tasks. Besides, some teachers had some problems with the ICT tools. Actually, many of us had never used a mixing board before.
    2.-Are you satisfied with the podcasts recorded during the mobility?
    3.-Would you use the podcasts as an activity in your school?
    4.-Were the sessions suitable to reach the scheduled targets?
    5.-Was there enough time to solve your doubts?
    6.-Have you now got a better perspective on the dissemination and radio podcast activities to be implemented?
    7.  Were your previous activities about recording podcast useful for your final task?
    9. - Has the coordinator team cleared enough the activities to do and the schedule?
    10.-Has the coordinator team solved the doubts?
    11.- Has the coordinator of your country cleared enough the activities to do and the Schedule?
    Suggestions and comments
    -        -  It would be better for the coordinator of each country to take part directly in the working sessions
    -          Somebody  missunderstood that the preparatory podcasts would have been recorded in a professional studio
    -          There have been so many ways to communicate
    -          One of the strength is that the requirement for recording the podcasts were not demanding
    -          The podcast is useful to work in the classroom



    This is the result  of our first project in eTwinning. It has been a long way to get here but, in spite of the difficulties , we would like to  encourage  teachers and students. Recording podcasts is a very good way for our students to improve their communication and ICT skills. 

    This project is part of a bigger Erasmus+ project called European Active Citizenship. We invite you to  follow it on these links. 

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