Our Region is Our World

This project creates youth from Poland and Spain. We will get to know our regions their environment, traditions, history and tourist attractions

The Places where we come from.

The map of our regions.

Czarna Dąbrówka in Poland and Foz in Spain.

The project is realized by two schools from different countries Poland and Spain. All the tasks will be perform on the webside in English. Pupils from teams are students in age 12-15. The pupils will be discussing about everyday life, culture, traditions, customs and history of their town, region and country.



Foz is situated in the coast of Lugo, in the north of Spain.


We live in several towns near Foz, Burela, Cervo, San Miguel, San Cosme, Alfoz, Lorenzana...Most of us have to go to school by bus and we eat at school too.

In summer we can go to the beach, we have beatiful beaches near Foz, one of the most important is "Las catedrales" because it has natural arcs.

Foz was a seaside town but now Burela has a big and important bish sheet.

In summer there was a lot of people who spend their free time here, because it´s very calm and we have a lot of water sports ( kayac, fishing, yacting....).




Author: Justyna Czyżyk-Markiewicz
Last editor: Pilar López López