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School Holidays in Spain

School Holidays in Spain.


This year we started school the 15Th of september and we finished the first trimester the 21st of december. Until the 9th of january we have Christmass holidays. Now in february ( 27 – 28 – 29 – 30 – 31 – 1) we will have carnival. Each class is going to disguise about something special and we will transverse Foz ´s streets.

This photo was two years ago.

Most of us we are in a group in the town ( comparsas) and this days we will parade in Foz and in another towns.

The second trimester will finish in april with easter, we will go to church to visit Jesus. In a lot of places there are groups of person who have processións with Cristo´ images.

​This photo is in Viveiro, a town near Foz.

In Foz we have a romanic basilic  (the oldest in Spain) where you can see the Passion of Cristo.

These photos are in San Martiño.

At last we are going to finish school the 24th of june and we will go to the beach.


Author: Pilar López López
Last editor: Justyna Czyżyk-Markiewicz