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How Polish students spend holidays ?


Holidays are great thing, because you can relax and rest from school. Holiday in Poland lasts 2 months, mostly from the end of June to the end of August. Many Polish students spend their holidays at home, for example as gardening or social gatherings in their neighborhood, but they  also  travel abroad.  Others go out to their families, for whom they like to hang out. In our country we have many wonderful things to explore in our free time for example monuments, large, beautiful cities, beautiful lakes, sea and river and Moving Dunes. Many people also go to camps to meet many new and cool people. Everybody spends that time in their own way but equally cool. I hope you also enjoy your holiday.


Written by: Wiktoria Lejk & Martyna Bartelik 

Author: Martyna Bartelik
Last editor: Wiktoria Lejk