Our Region is Our World

This project creates youth from Poland and Spain. We will get to know our regions their environment, traditions, history and tourist attractions


Our school is in Czarna Dąbrówka. It is quite visible, because it is in the center of the village and it’s quite large and orange. The building has 2 floors. On the ground floor there is a small locker room, teacher room, library and several classrooms, such as the art room, corrective and Kashubian language. The first floor is headed for early school pupils but there are also main schools such as the canteen, the secular, the secretariat, the toilets and the holl. In this floor is also big gym for gymnasium students. However in the other floors are held classes for older students, such as the computer room or chemistry room and there is one separated room for kindergarten. On the outside of the school we have a playground, a well-kept place with benches and in the diffrent side is yard. Classes are spacious and well maintained. In the school there are various competitions organized. There are extra-curricular, artistic, linguistic circles. We usually spend seven hours at school. We learn here, discover new people, shape our worldview and charakter. Maybe the school is not too big, but in Poland we have quite a difficult curriculum. There are about 18 students in the classes. Everyone feels good. We like our teachers. At school you can talk with friends and have a laugh. There are many contests and celebrated worlds.. The advantage of our school is the friendly atmosphere.

Written by Aleksandra Mierzyńska

Author: Justyna Czyżyk-Markiewicz
Last editor: Justyna Czyżyk-Markiewicz