3rd short term exchange SAINT-JEAN-DE-BRAYE (France)

  • Here is a short description of our 3rd meeting, this time near Orléans, in St Jean de Braye. This meeting was held from 8th to 14th of May 2017.

    On Tuesday, we went to the museum of immigration  in Paris. There, students could see how immigration evolved in the different parts of France and in history. They also discovered different terms to talk about refugee, depending on why a refugee leaves his country.

    On Wednesday, we met at school. The young people thought about prejudice, misconceptions we can have against refugees after they discovered exhibitions in the hall of school . They worked with Jean marc Sepsault, coodinator of all school which are associatedto the UNESCO organisation. They made posters about differncies between male and female.

    Then we visited the recording studios of Radio Campus, which is the radio of students in Orléans. They made Interviews with two members of the RESF (Réseau Éducation Sans Frontières) on their work in favor of migrant children.

    They try to find ideas to help refugees to integrate and to feel well at school and in the city. They created a « padlet » with all the propositions but also theater : they created and played scenes about the first day of a refugee at school. They were inspired by experiences of our students who are refugees.

    One of the most important moments in the week , was when students recorded chronicles and interviews about refugees. The man of Radio Campus (the student’s radio in Orléans) went and took with him all the material necessary to record at school. Students worked very seriously.

    You can listen to the recording in the following link :


    At the end of the week, Francis Binse and two militants of Amnesty International went and presented us a new action of Amnesty International to welcome refugees. They were accompagned by a syrian lawyer, whose son goes to school in our school.

    After this beautiful week we met for a meal together, and with the families that welcomed all the partners.