5th short term exchange PRAGUE (Czech Republic)

  • Our last short term exchange focused the relation between media and the refugees topic. How do the participating coutries cover the refugees "crisis"? How can we be manipulated by fake news? How to find it out and try to protect our selfs from this manipulation?

    Those were the questions that we tried to clarify in Prague, ZŠ Mládí, from 12th to 19th May 2018. 

    Saturday and Sunday were the family days. Our partners met and spent some nice time together. Teachers were exploring Prague and looking to places related to our working days during the week.

    Monday, we met in our school and learnt a lot about the others during the life rescue activites and ice breakers that included the "being together" factor.

    After that, we wnt to the Prague 13 city Hall where we were officialy welcomed by the Mayor of Prague 13 district, Mr. Vodrazka. Two local TV station were present and covered our meeting with a TV spot.

    Here is a part of the presentation of our project to the representants of Prague 13 done by our coordinator, Christina Hohn, from Heinrich Heine Europaschule from Dreieich. 

    The last Monday activity happened in the city center. Students explored places of our capital city that are related to the foreign element - Kafka, UNICEF, Jewish Town, Winton kids monument, cultural institutes of participating coutries were visited. Teachers and student coul realise that Prague is full of connections with other countries, here and now as well as in the past.

    On Tuesday, two workshops about the Media and Refugees were organised in collaboration with CLOVEK V TISNI and SDRUZENI PRO INTEGRACI A MIGRACI. Students worked 3 hours and learnt a lot about the media manipulation, destiny of foreigners and migrants in the Czech republic and fake news. 

    Before our workshops, students from two countries presented their national media. The same happened wednesday and thursday before the other activites. The presentation can be seen here.

    On Wednesday, we met the professional in CESKA TELEVIZE. A workshop with the leading Czech journalist, Mr. Wollner, was helt in the main CT building. A visit of studios and staff room was also organised. Students could see how TV journalists work and what it means to manipulate public opinion... Very interesting experience.

    On Thursday and Friday morning, students realised two tasks. Some of them prepared an artwork about the refugees and media manipulation, others did a TV spot about our project - two spots were manipulative, other two objective. Student could experience the strategies when you want to change somebody opinion. The presented products can be seen here.

    A farewell party for students, teachers and families was organised - great possibilit to share all the experiences and celebrate the closing meeting of this wonderfull project.

    All the goals of our exchange were reached. The final evaluation of the meeting showed this, as well as the transnational meeting evaluation. All the teachers involved in this transnational meeting expressed their greetings with this last opportunity to meet during our Erasmus+ Refugees in Europe project.