• A "dossier" full of the work materials from the firts Short term exchange in Ellesmere Port (UK):

    PPT QUIZZ used during the 2nd Short term exchange in Dreieich:

    Logos and art works from the first phase of our Project:


    Link to our GUIDE TO THE SCHOOL LIFE for a refugee student made in France, Saint Jean de Braye on PADLET (password: Refugee)


    The radio interview about our project and the refugees related topics made by our students and Radion Campus (Orléans) is here.


    Check this Amnesty International presentation used during the Saint Jean de Braye meeting in May 2017: 

    Presentation of national media in relation to the refugees/migration topic from our meeting in Prague:






    Objective or manipulative? Look at these artworks inspired by the media coverage and decide... (from our meeting in Prague, to see the full size images, click here)

    In Prague, we made some fictional TV spots about our project and refugees. We wanted to show how to manipulate or stay as objective as possible. The results of our work can be seen here, here, here and here. Enjoy! (and decide, which video was manipulative and which not)