4th short term exchange JÁEN (Spain)

  • Our forth meeting held in Jaén from 30th of September to 7th of October had one main theme - borders and its relation to the migration in Europe.

    After the travel (Saturday) and family (Sunday) days, we all met Monday morning in the Santa Catalina school to start with our project activities. After the official welcome we started our guided tour in Jaen. Our goal? Understand the living together of all the Jaen’s cultures – Jewish, Muslim and Cristian during many centuries. Interesting historical view related to the topic of our project. Great!

    Tuesday, we visited the Andalusian regional parliament where we could discuss the refugee and immigration topics with the main representatives of this important political institution. The visit of Sevila was also prepared.

    A better understanding of what can divide the cultures was organised for Wednesday. In Cordoba, we could see and actively participate in the exhibition bout differences, persecution and discrimination. This exhibition was located inside the main Cordoba´s church which was a Mosque but also a Cathedral. We could understand that the borders built between cultures are not only political, but also cultural.

     We spent Thursday in the streets of Jaen, where our students debated with the local citizens about the refugees and boarder topics. All the information was used for the later document creation and debate with teachers. The main theme of the debate was “Rumors”.

    Friday, we concluded our work with the final presentation done by the Turkish students. They explained the actual situation with borders in Europe and the role played by FRONTEX. After that, students and teachers had a debate about the pluses and minuses of borders.