1st short term exchange ELLESMERE PORT (UK)

  • Monday, 21st of November morning, students and staff were welcomed and had a tour of the school. Pupils were Introduced to the learning objectives of the UK mobility and learnt key words to be used in the project. Pupils were given a presentation of Movement of People into the UK to show that successive migrations of people have moved into the UK and made it a multi - cultural society, where diversity is celebrated.

    Pupils displayed their logos and some students said something about why they had come up with their ideas and then students voted on their choice of logo. Their choice of logo met with some disapproval from from some countries which thought it was too emotive as it had the picture of the young boy who was washed up on a beach. It was decided to take the logos to Germany and students would be able to redesign logos and a second vote would take place.

    In the afternoon students worked with the Art department preparing a display of what it would mean to them to be a refugee.

    Tuesday, 22nd of November – students and staff went to Liverpool and were given a talk by a local historian Mike Royden on how the slave trade impacted on the city. Students visited the Maritime museum and saw exhibits reflecting on Liverpool’s connections with the slave trade.

    Students also visited the Liverpool museum where they could track the growth of the city and when and why groups of people moved into the city and how its cultural diversity is celebrated.

    Wednesday, 23rd of November – students worked with an expert from the UK Refugee Council on the refugee crisis how refugees are integrated into our community. This involved hot seating and role play activities to develop an empathy with refugees.

    In the afternoon students played the refugee game following in the footsteps of a refugee and encountering some of the problems they faced on their journey.

    Students also worked with an English teacher devising some poetry around the refugee crisis.

    On Thursday, 24th of November, we visited the holocaust museum in Newark. Museum was built as a place where survivors and family could go to, now it is mainly for educating people about dangers of stereotyping and discrimination. Many inspiring heroic stories. Mala is an 89 survivor who survived a concentration camp in Poland. She shared her emotional story to the pupils.

    Friday morning, we did a British bake-off. The pupils made foods from all around the world which have influenced the UK. Food was excellent and no fire :) they got to sample all the food after.

     One of the coordinators of the project did a workshop her experience being a refugee – emigrant form Czechoslovakia during the 80’.

    Friday afternoon the MP from Chester came to see and hear about our project and see our work. We concluded the meeting with a group photo and farewell meal.