2nd short term exchange DREIEICH (Germany)

  • Monday, 30th of January

    On the first day our students got the chance to get to know one another through different ice breaker activities.

    Workshop “The situation of the refugees in the different countries of Europe” - In the preface of the project meeting our students had been asked to research and prepare information about the refugees’ situation in their home countries. Each national group held a short presentation in the introduction part of the workshop. 

    Information for teachers: “Service Learning” - Heinrich Heine-School in Dreieich introduced their Service Learning workshop to the international teachers visiting. By this, the school wanted to pass on the Service learning teaching model as one way of how refugee students can be integrated at school. The workshop also uses peer teaching: Students inform students about refugees to prevent prejudices and rassist tendencies.

    Talks to refugees - In the afternoon students and teachers got to meet refugees and ask questions about their escape, their hopes and the realitiy they face today. In this picture you can see Maria from Iran who impressed the Eramus+ team with her life story. For some students participating in the project it was the first time they got to meet a refugee in person.


    Tuesday, 31th of January

    Visit to the exhibition “Bloss weg von hier!” (Darmstadt) - On the second day of the German short term exchange the Erasmus+ group visited an exhibition about refugees and their escape in Darmstadt. The exhibition was part of our cooperation with the organization Gegen Vergessen für Demokratie. The students learned about the situation in the different countries of origin and different causes for why people escape from their home countries.

    Wednesday, 1st of February

    Visit to Babenhausen - On the third day we visited a youth club in Babenhausen and met young refugees. We played and ate together and just had a great time. Social workers, rescue workers and recovery workers informed the project participants about the living conditions in the initial registration facility.


    Thursday, 2nd of February

    Workshop “Logo design”: results

    The results of the logo competition were just amazing!

    Friday, 3rd of February

    Choice of the logo - The logo by Maria from Spain won in the end. Her logo symbolizes her belief that refugees should be protected by the European Union.

    Farewell disco - On the last evening students celebrated their European friendship and received their official participation certificates.