Getting Started


    To enable you to improve your language skills and develop a variety of competences, this open online course covers a wide range of topics and is divided into 6 modules. You will be exploring the following subjects:

    1. Literature and Arts

    2. Geography

    3. History

    4. Science and Nature

    5. Sports and Leisure

    6. Entertainment

    To complete this course, you are required to collect 6 badges in your Learning Diary.


    To obtain a badge, you must complete successfully 3 activities for each module.

    You will collect your badges and post them on your Personal Learning Diary.

    To create it you can use either a Padlet wall or Thinglink.

    Your Personal Learning Diary reflects your own progress, so it is a compilation of your responses to the activities as well as any other relevant links and materials that you came across while studying. 

    Take part in the course, share the link of your Diary and join in the discussion on social media via Twitter using #learnenglishMOOC

    Upon successful completion, contact the course administrators to get a course certificate.