5. Sports and Leisure

  • Sports and Leisure

    Welcome to Module 5

    This part of our MOOC is about Sports and Leisure.

    You are going to work on activities about the topic of Sports and Leisure. This is a rather engaging topic for most teenagers.

    In this module you are going to explore several sporting activities.

    You will be exploring the following issues:

    1. individual and team sports

    2. rules of the games and competitions

    3. famous sportspeople and champions

    At the end of this module you will have achieved the following learning objectives:

    1. reach a better understanding of a few popular sports

    2. understand how sports can unite nations and people

    3. develop social competence through better knowledge of a healthy lifestyle and awareness of the rules and codes necessary for social participation

    What should I do?

    All activities here. First read the instructions, then study the videos and presentations, and finally do the task.

    Simply press on the image to see the documents:

    Your Badge is available here.

    Download it and add it to your Learning Diary when you finish the 3 activities.

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