• This is the next stage of our project. Here we are going to compose, evaluate and present all our activities together in a well organised way, so as to be able to find them easily and use them in the future.

    Your contribution is valuable!! So please follow these steps:

    1. Add your activity in this  graphic organiser


    2. Tell your team partners about your first impressions: what do you think of their contributions to your area of expertise? Write a few words in forum 4

    3. High Five

    Choose 3 activities and tell us your opinion HERE.

    Please be positive and helpful in your evaluation!

    5 = I perfectly understand it and I like it. It is well thought out and one can learn a lot.
    4= I can carry it out and it is comprehensible.
    One can learn quite a lot.
    3= I can use it but I need some help
    2= I am not sure what it means. I need a lot of help.
    1= I am lost.

    Try to make changes if you find that your activity needs to be more clear.

    The summary of the qualitative results are HERE

    The results of the survey are ready. Check them out HERE

    4. How can we present our materials? YOUR OPINION COUNTS!!

    Fill in this tricider discussion making suggestions about how to present our materials so that other students can use it to learn english (eg in the form of an ebook, a web page etc..what to write as a prologue etc)



    The Final Results of our POLL "How should we present our activities" are visible here.

    According to the students opinion, the final product of our etwinning project should be

    compiled in the form of a MOOC, including a wealth of materials to enrich it.